Migration of Apps from On-Prem to Cloud

Indian-based Premier InfoAssists Pvt. Ltd., an international trading and commerce firm, contacted Ticvic for help moving their applications from an on-premise data centre to the AWS cloud. The objective was to address performance difficulties, enable auto scaling depending on demand, increase deployment efficiency, apply DevOps practises, reduce reliance on power and WAN network, and provide uninterruptible application access for international clients.


Premier InfoAssists sought Ticvic’s expertise to create a technical plan and business justification for the migration, aiming to minimize the impact on their business operations. The existing challenges included uneven application access performance, lack of scalability, delayed code deployments, limited adoption of new technologies like DevOps, and unplanned outages due to power and WAN network dependencies.

Key Challenges:

Premier InfoAssists had a number of problems that forced them to think about moving their applications from an on-premise data centre to the AWS Cloud. These difficulties could include low disaster recovery capabilities, poor on-premise environment management and maintenance, limited scalability and flexibility in their current infrastructure, high operational costs, and the requirement to update their IT infrastructure to meet changing business requirements.

Service Offered:

Ticvic followed an “Assess, Migrate, Optimize” approach for Premier InfoAssists’ migration project. They conducted data collection meetings, categorized applications based on business requirements, and built a detailed migration plan using the 6R strategy. Parallel and iterative migration processes were executed, and stakeholders were notified and involved throughout. After thorough testing, a final report was provided with decommissioned components and an executive summary of the project outcome.

Key Benefits:

1. Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction: Achieved 20-30% cost savings on virtual machine resource configuration alone, improving manageability and streamlining processes.
2. Decreased Time to Market/Release: Enabled faster software development and solution releases with reduced management overhead and increased budget availability.
3. Scalability and Cost Effectiveness: Leveraged cloud resources to scale based on demand, resulting in cost savings compared to maintaining underutilized on-premise systems.
4. Elimination of Datacentre and Hardware Expenses: Migrated to the cloud, eliminating the need for new datacentre locations and reducing costs associated with hardware devices and licenses.
5. Application Development and Modernization: Adopted DevOps practices, enhancing security, reliability, and advancing the company’s go-to-market strategy.
6. Continual Cost Efficiency and Optimization: Achieved on-going cost savings on capital and operational expenditures while benefiting from cloud services.

Quantitative Results:
As a result of moving their apps to the AWS Cloud, Premier InfoAssists saw a lot of advantages. This increased productivity and customer happiness by achieving 100% application availability. Their budget and resource allocation were optimised with a 30% decrease in Opex costs. Using auto-scaling, the business was also able to support 2 million users, a significant increase from 1.2 million people. This scalability met the demands of their growing user base while ensuring an effortless user experience.

Qualitative Impact:

Premier InfoAssists achieved numerous qualitative benefits by migrating their applications to the AWS Cloud. This included improved scalability and agility to handle varying workloads efficiently. They also enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities with robust infrastructure and backup features. Collaboration and flexibility were boosted through cloud-based tools, enabling remote access and enhanced productivity. The migration strengthened security and compliance measures with encryption and access controls. Furthermore, IT management was simplified through AWS’s managed services and automation tools, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives.

Tools and Technologies:

Premier InfoAssists likely utilised a variety of AWS services and solutions for their migration effort in terms of tools and technology. For managing and monitoring their cloud environment, these would have included AWS Server Migration Service (SMS), AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), AWS CloudFormation, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Elastic Load Balancer, AWS Auto Scaling, and AWS CloudWatch. To ensure a successful transfer to the AWS Cloud, Premier InfoAssists may also have used third-party migration tools and consulting services.

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