Micro Service Essentials

Micro Service Essentials


December 17, 2022    
3:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Mastering Micro Service Essentials: A Comprehensive Online Event Hosted by Manikandan

Immerse yourself in the world of micro services with the highly anticipated “Micro Service Essentials” event hosted by Manikandan. Scheduled for December 17, 2022, this online session is designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of micro services architecture and its applications in modern software development.

Event Details

Date: December 17, 2022

Session Timing: 03:00 pm – 03:30 pm

Mode: Online

Host: Manikandan

* Exploit the Potential of GraphQL

Join Manikandan as he guides you through the essentials of micro services architecture. Gain insights into the benefits of this approach, including scalability, modularity, and fault tolerance. Explore best practices for designing, implementing, and deploying micro services-based applications.

* Engaging Online Learning Experience

While no documents were available, this online event offered an engaging learning experience. Manikandan shared practical examples, answered participants’ questions, and facilitated interactive discussions; ensuring participants could grasp the concepts and apply them effectively.

The “Micro Service Essentials” event, hosted by Manikandan, was a transformative learning opportunity that delved into the intricacies of Microservices architecture. By participating in this online session, you gained valuable insights into the benefits, design principles, and implementation best practices of micro services. Keep an eye out for future events that will further expand your knowledge and expertise in this dynamic field. Embrace the power of Microservices and revolutionize your approach to software development!

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